Louise Bell Locklear Memorial Scholarship

The Louise Bell Locklear Memorial Scholarship is being established in honor of the life and accomplishments of Mrs. Louise Bell Locklear. Growing up as a child of the Depression in rural Robeson County, Louise, like most other children, struggled with poverty as well as racial inequities that were prevalent in the South at that time. She attended school in the Saddletree community, and, at an early age, family and teachers began to notice that Louise excelled in her studies. Her parents had the foresight to encourage the prospect that she one day be the first college graduate in her family. The magnitude of that ambition, at that time, could be compared in today’s society to a child aspiring to be Governor of a state. Her parents arranged for her to attend high school in Pembroke because there was a better educational opportunity than in her rural country high school. In the early 1900’s, when traveling a couple of miles from home was virtually unheard of, Louise traveled 16 miles in hopes of securing a college education. Sadly, upon completion of high school, there was not enough money to pay for her dream. She lived her adult life as most women of that era did-married, bore and raised eight children, lived on a farm-and like most of her community, struggled daily with the legacy of poverty. However, she never lost her resolve about the benefit of education. Through hard work, diligence, and prayer, Louise saw six of her eight children receive college degrees. Her life ended abruptly at age 62, but her dreams and aspirations will continue to live through future generations. The recipient of the Louise Bell Locklear Memorial Scholarship shall be a second-semester sophomore, junior, or senior at UNCP, enrolled either part-time or full-time and majoring in Education. Recipients must be residents of North Carolina, must maintain a minimum 2.5 QPA, and be of demonstrated financial need. The award will be made half in the fall and half in the spring and is renewable as long as the above criteria are met and the recipient is in good standing with the University. First preference shall be given to a member of a state- or federally-recognized American Indian tribe; however, if a suitable candidate cannot be identified, the preference does not apply.