Velva Dean Morgan Memorial Scholarship

The Donor wishes to recognize her deceased sister, Velva, by establishing this scholarship in her memory: “She was a wonderful sister and I want her name to be remembered for many years to come.” Velva felt that her education was one of her greatest achievements and was very proud of this accomplishment. She was very meek when she first enrolled in college. Finding money to attend college was hard to do in the 60’s. Velva struggled with money for her education and didn’t know, from year to year, if she would be able to afford to continue. Student loans and other means of financial support were virtually non-existent. Velva did graduate from Pembroke State College in 1967, was successful in her life, and never forgot her humble beginnings. Velva would want to help students who are having the same monetary struggles she had; someone who would not be able to attend college without the help of her scholarship. This scholarship was one of the things she requested to be established through her estate. Velva wanted a recipient who is eager to achieve and succeed, who works hard, and who has high standards. The recipient of this scholarship shall be a resident of North Carolina and a full-time student maintaining a minimum of 3.0 GPA. This scholarship is based on proven financial need and is renewable as long as the recipient continues to satisfy the criteria set forth in this agreement. There is no restriction of major or year of study.