Alfred and Francine Dunlavy Scholarship

The Donor wishes to recognize her parents, Alfred R. and Francine A. Dunlavy, whose encouragement and example had a profound influence on the donor’s life. Mrs. Dunlavy was a first-generation college student, the daughter of Sicilian immigrants; she was recipient of a full scholarship to Barnard College, as well as scholarships to the University of Madrid and the Sorbonne in Paris. She was grateful all her life for these educational opportunities. She was a New York City school teacher of Spanish and French, and she worked tirelessly with non-profit organizations to establish and protect human rights in Latin America. Mr. Dunlavy was a very successful businessman in the hearing aid field; he held four patents on hearing aids that were designed to amplify only high tone hearing losses. Despite his successes, he always regretted never having had the opportunity to attend college. The recipient of the Alfred R. and Francine A. Dunlavy Endowed Scholarship will be a first-generation college student and have and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Incoming freshmen as well as current students will be eligible. The award is renewable.